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The Elusive Agatha Christie

How well do we really know the queen of crime?

Thanks to my guest, Lucy Worsley. Her book Agatha Christie: A Very Elusive Woman is out now.

Books and sources mentioned:

An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie: A Biography by Janet P. Morgan

Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life by Laura Thompson

Agatha Christie: The Woman And Her Mysteries by Gillian Gill

Forever England: Literature, Femininity and Conservatism between the Wars by Alison Light

“In The Shadow Of Hercule — The War Service Of Archibald Christie” by Peter Wright in Cross & Cockade International, vol 41/3 (2010)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

“The Lady Vanishes” episode of Shedunnit

“The Dispenser” episode of Shedunnit

“Mary Westmacott” episode of Shedunnit

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Agatha The Adventuress

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