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Death Under Par

Golf and murder have been close companions for a whole century.

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Mentioned in the episode:
The Murder on the Links (1923) by Agatha Christie
— “The Murder on the Golf Links” (1907) by Matthias McDonnell Bodkin, featured in Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries, edited by Martin Edwards
A Lost Leader (1906) by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Hints on the Game of Golf by Horace G Hutchinson
The Book of Golf and Golfers by Horace G Hutchinson
— The Lost Golfer (1930) by Horace G Hutchinson
Tish Plays the Game (1921) by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Viaduct Murder (1925) by Ronald Knox
— The Bunker at the 5th (1927) by Marcus Dods
— “The Red Golf Ball” by Gerald Verner, featured in Settling Scores: Sporting Mysteries, edited by Martin Edwards
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (1934) by Agatha Christie
— The Murder on the Sixth Hole (aka The Strange Death of Martin Green) by David Frome
— Tragedy at the Thirteenth Hole (1933) by Miles Burton
Fer-de-Lance (1934) by Rex Stout
Murder in the Mews (1937) by Agatha Christie
— “The Sweet Shot” (1939) by EC Bentley
Trent’s Own Case (1936) by EC Bentley
Trent’s Last Case by EC Bentley
— Mr. Malcolm Presents (1932) by Gerard Fairlie
The Case of the Green Felt Hat (1937) by Christopher Bush
Unexpected Night (1940) by Elizabeth Daly
The Body in the Bunker by Herbert Adams
— Death Off the Fairway by Herbert Adams
— Nineteenth Hole Mystery by Herbert Adams
— Death on the First Tee by Herbert Adams
— The Secret of Bogey House (1924) by Herbert Adams
Unfinished Portrait (1934) by Mary Westmacott
My Late Wives (1946) by Carter Dickson
An Awkward Lie (1952) by Michael Innes
— Fair Prey (1956) by William Campbell Gault
The Big Gamble (1958) by George Harmon Coxe
Murder at the Open (1965) by Angus MacVicar
Deadly Putter (1979) by Ted Dexter and Clifford Makins
Death of a Low-Handicap Man (1974) by Brian Ball
— A Hole in One (2005) by Catherine Aird
Administration Can Be Murder (2000) by Richard L. Baldwin
Death from the Ladies’ Tee (1992) by James Y Bartlett
— Murder in the Rough, collection edited by Otto Penzler
Open Season (2005) by Jim Moriarty
Par for the Corpse by Kathleen Kelly Sprissler

Other golf-related titles not mentioned:
The Heart of a Goof (1926) by PG Wodehouse

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