Queens of Crime at War

A six part mini series looking at what the best writers from the golden age of detective fiction did once that period came to an end with the start of the Second World War.

Episode 1: Agatha Christie Writes Alone

Agatha Christie had a very productive WW2.

Episode 2: E.C.R. Lorac Rises Through The Ranks

Her WW2 mysteries are best of all.

Episode 3: Margery Allingham Waits For The Invasion

For Albert Campion’s creator, the war was her salvation.

Episode 4: Josephine Tey’s Golden Age

Something happened to the Scottish writer during WW2 that made her want to write mysteries again.

Episode 5: Ngaio Marsh Goes Home

Caught between two very different worlds, WW2 forced this queen of crime to become better acquainted with her homeland.

Episode 6: Dorothy L. Sayers Solves Her Mystery

Why did she stop writing detective fiction as WW2 approached?

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